The 18th Westchester cup
since 1876

The Hurlingham Polo Association (HPA) the sports governing body, invite a visiting nation each year to play against the England Teams. Historically the game is played for the Coronation Cup (since 1911) or the Westchester Cup (since 1876) against the USA, a “Ryder Cup” equivalent in Polo, alongside the newer Ladies Test match fixture, for the Diamond Jubilee Trophy (since 2012). This year, the principal match is for the Westchester Cup. 

The International Polo Cup, also called the Newport Cup and now lately known as the Westchester Cup, is a trophy in polo that was created in 1876 and was played for by teams from the USA and England. The match has varied in length over the years from a single game to the best of three games. In 1886, the two nations decided to make the polo match a continuing competition. A total of twelve matches were conducted between 1886 and 1939 between the two countries. In the 1920s and 1930s, the Westchester Cup was the most anticipated event on the sporting calendar in the United States, attracting record crowds.

The tournament was suspended during World War II and, due to changing times and interests, not revived until 1992. The last match was held on July 28, 2013, This years event is the 18th Westchester Cup and will be played for on July 28th 2018.

(Polo was an Olympic discipline in 1900190819201924 and 1936. In the final game played at the Olympic level in 1936, Argentina won gold in front of a crowd of 45,000 people.)


vs USA


This year, Flannels England team will battle for the glory of retaining the 18th Westchester Cup, in a much anticipated match, which will be hosted here, at the Home of English Polo, The Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club, Winkfield, Windsor.





This years the Ladies, Flannels England team will battle for the Diamond Jubilee Trophy against a Rest of the World side, (ROW). The Ladies team are in triumphant form,  bringing much anticipation from the polo world.